Guide to what is on the personal pages.

First Section – Personal Information

This is where you control what you want to look at and has the basic info.

  • Name
  • Alternative Spellings
    • Here you add other names that have been used for this person.
  • Gender
  • Born Date and Location.
  • Christening Date and Location
  • Died, date and location
  • Burial Place. Date and Location.

To edit any of these you press the “Edit” button on the last tab.

Examples can be found here for Names and Events

Second Section – Parents

Here is the general info on the parents of the person involved.

Here you have the following info.

  • Father name with birth and death date with location.
  • Mothers name with birth and death date with location.
  • Engagement Date with location
  • Marriage date with location.
  • If pictures are added to the event they will show here.
  • Amount of children in this family, you can view them by pressing the arrow down button.

There is no editing options here, you do that by going to one of the parents and press edit button in the family section as shown below in the next section.

Third Section – Family

Here is the info on the family.

  • First part is either the wife or husband.  With Name and birth/death date and locations.
  • Engagement Date and location
  • Marriage date and loctaion
  • Children with birth/death date and locations. Their husband/wifes are included with their marriage date.
  • Photos of the marriage.

To access the editing page you press the edit button up in the top right.

For more info on editing, press here for adding parents or adding spouse.

Fourth Section – Other Personal Events

The fourth section is where the other events are posted. Here you will find following things.

  • Confirmations
  • Residence
  • Immigration’s
  • Siblings(Includes halv siblings)
  • Ancestor Info
  • Wok Info
  • Anniversaries
  • Special occasions

There will be more coming.

These can be edited in the personal information.

More info on other vents can be found HERE.

Fifth section – Event Map

Here you will see a coverage of where all the events are.

Sixth Section – Photos

Sixth Section is where all the photos that this person is tagged are found. You can start a slide show from here.

Seventh Section – Videos

All videos that this person is tagged in will be shown here

Eighth Section – Albums

Albums that this person is tagged in will show here

Ninth Section – Headstones

Here are the headstones for this person.

Adding Headstones can be found HERE.

Tenth Section – Sources

On the last section yoiu will see all sources that there is with this person.