This site is dedicated for research on our heritage and sharing it with our families, close and far.
We have merged our 2 trees, Bakke tree(his side) from Norway with branches that are stretched to the USA
and Baxter tree(her side) that originated in England and France that has branched out to the USA.

About the site

The site is split into two sections with two seperate registration and log ins,

  1. Family tree –  here you will see our heritage dating back to before the 1st millenium.
    1. Due to privacy of the living, they will only visible to registered members. Contact us if you wish to join us. Please include some info on who you are related to upon registration!
  2. Community – This part is for the near family only. 

Family Tree


Latest updates & more from the Trees

B&B Galleries

Here are some samples of images we have in our gallery.

Stats on what we have so far .........








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