How to set up the addresses for the locations.

Address – Location – Village/Town/City – County – State – Country

Adresse – Lokasjon – By/Tett Sted – Kommune – Fylke – Land

Reason it is set up like this, is so that all locations are organised the same and can be easily found when looking for them on the pages for Places. There it starts with the country and ends up with the address locations.

Plan is to add some information and pictures on the different levels.

If you are unsure of a section, put in TBD and let us know and we will help 🙂


Here are some examples

  • Address : Hessevaag-Bakke Bnr.2
  • Location : Hessevaag-Bakke
  • City : Rugsund
  • County : Bremanger
  • State : Vestland
  • Country : Norge
Hessevaagbakke Bnr.2, Hessevaagbakke, Rugsund, Bremanger, Vestland, Norge
  • Address : 
  • Location : Lisbon Cemetery
  • City : Lisbon
  • County : Columbiana County
  • State : Ohio
  • Country : USA

Lisbon Cemetery, Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio, USA

When using the old style in Norway with Bruks Nr/Gårds Nr we want to include the Location name in front to make it easier to look up those that are already registered.
Note, each split is divided by a “,” 

If you want to open an upper level location press the next to the location.

Then if not all locations under is not open press the open button.

Then you can view everything in that area as you will see below, lower on the page is all the events that took place in that area. 


Some places will have more info posted on them along with pictures.


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