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Welcome to our family history website, where we help you to delve into the past and discover the stories of those that came before us. Our website is designed to be a hub for research and information sharing about our beloved family’s history both near and far. We take pride in our rich ancestry and are excited to combine two family trees from different parts of the world: the “Bakke” lineage from Norway and the “Baxter” family line from England and France. These two vast and diverse family trees have grown and expanded over the years, with many branches now residing across the United States. Our website is the perfect platform to explore our heritage, connect with long-lost relatives, and learn about the unique stories of where our family comes from. Our mission is to preserve and share our history so that future generations can learn about the people and places that have shaped our family.

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Hi! Thanks for checking out our website. We have two parts of our website that need different logins. The first part is just for our family tree and its history, which goes back a long time. We keep the details of our living family members private, so only people who have registered can see them. To register, please tell us who you’re related to. We’d love to have you become a part of our family! The second part of our website is only for our close family members.

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